12/8/08 - Danielle's Sauces wins TWO Golden Chile Awards

9/10/07 - Danielle's Chiliyaki sauce praised by Hot Sauce Blog

9/8/07 - Danielle's Sauces take top honors in 2008 Zest Fest, hosted by Chile Pepper Magazine

5/24/07 - Hall of fame basketball player Clyde Drexler endorses Danielle's Sauces

"DanDanielle's Sauces are some of the best in the World. I should know. I travel about 40 weeks per year and have had some of the finest cuisine." - Danny Coulson, World Renowned Author and Lecturer

"I use Danielle's Sauces on almost everything I prepare. My family absolutely loves it!!" - Candy Smith, Astoria, OR

"The Chiliyaki Salmon is the best I have ever eaten!" - Mike Cranswick, Lake Oswego, OR

"Please send me 12 more bottles of Danielle's Sweet Chili Sauce. I think my husband has been drinking it!" - Helen Runyon, Dayton, OH

"My kids were addicted to fast food until they tasted Danielle's Teriyaki Sauce. Now chicken skewers over rice with teriyaki sauce is their favorite meal! Thank you!" - Marilyn Topinka, Denver, CO

"I put Danielle's Sweet Chili Sauce on my eggs in the morning, on my sandwiches at lunch and over rice with chicken or fish for dinner. Did you lace this stuff with something that causes addiction? If so, it's working!" - Bill Patton, Chicago, IL

"I know your sauces are non-fat and low sodium and all natural. I'm sure that matters to most people. All I care about is taste, and Danielle's Chiliyaki and Sweet Chili Sauces taste great. I stumbled upon your products on a business trip to Portland. Why can't I find them here?" - John Patterson, Madison, WI

"You want the best Hawaiian burger ever? Add Danielle's Teriyaki to a hamburger along with a slice of pineapple. I even "smuggle" a bottle of Danielle's into restaurants so I can add it to my food." - Mark Harvey, Portland, OR

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